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Family Memories
Im now in my eighties and my 7 children, 14 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren (soon to be 5) are scattered across North America. I dont get to see them very often. When my son Ron started Family Memories we decided right away to become his first client. On our family website we have lots of digital photos and videos, some poems and paintings, and a blog which has dozens of entries. Our family website has made it much easier for us to stay in touch.

Elizabeth Foreman, Gananoque, Ontario

I took my teenage son on a cycling trip last summer and we took a lot of digital pictures. When we returned I found it difficult and time consuming to share the pictures with my family who live in various parts of Ontario. So I decided to create my own family website and I hired Family Memories to build it for me. I am now enjoying much more contact with my family because of our family website and we are even sharing our photos and videos with our relatives in Nova Scotia. We are planning to record and publish video interviews with our 80 year old parents for future generations to enjoy.

Beverley Moir, Toronto   

Web Developer

April 17, 2005: "We hired Ron in the fall of 2004 to make major revisions to our website and to add significant nursing scholarship information for award and scholarship applicants. Ron gave the site a wonderful new and professional look. He greatly improved our navigation structure and enabled our prospective applicants to view the program with ease and efficiency and to apply on-line. As a result, the number of visitors to our site in 2005 has quadrupled over last year. Also, our first year with an on-line scholarship and award application process was deemed highly successful. Ron has been maintaining our site since then and we find that he quickly responds to our needs and priorities."

Shirley Avery, President, The Registered Nurses' Foundation of Ontario RNFOO.

March 31, 2005: "My experience with Ron Foreman in building my first web site was great. His resourcefulness was dedicated in recreating the ideas that I had in my head. It was important to me to have a certain feel and look to my site. Ron's creative ability is obvious in the end result. He was able to produce exactly what I had in mind. I am very pleased with his work and would recommend his expertise to anyone. Thanks again Ron for my amazing Web Site. Yours sincerely,"

Darryl Albert, Watercolour Artist.


WorkSmart Corporate Education Services Inc. (DBA) Productivity Point International  

December 9, 2004: "I was the Training Manager at Microsoft, Ron was a partner. With 100 partners I had a range of professionals I worked with. Ron was a winner. He cared about business, he delivered value, he was committed to the customer. Even in tough times, Ron remained clear to these things. Would I endorse him? Absolutely! Do I trust him? Absolutely! No doubt Ron will be a "player" in his new venture."
Curtis Skene, Former Manager, Training & Certification, Microsoft Canada.


The Osborne Group, (Sub Contract) M&H Typography Inc.

September 27, 2004: "Ron was a big help to our family business when our father, the owner and president of the company, passed away. We needed someone with Ron's technical skill and versatile personality to manage the company on an executive level. Ron made very effective decisions that lead the company in the right direction. We greatly appreciated his ability to reassure us and the employees during this time."
Jana Marsh, Former Owner, Graphiques M&H Inc., Montreal, Qc.


WorkSmart Corporate Education Services Inc. (DBA) Productivity Point International

July 14, 2004: "Ron is a care giver - he always cares about people, cares about his customers, and cares about his work. He is also very willing to share - his rich entrepreneurial experience endows him a lot to share, too. I learned a lot from him."
Yuan Liu, PhD, Telecommunications Specialist




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