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The One-Tonne Challenge

Here's the challenge: reduce your annual greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by one tonne. The average Canadian produces five tonnes of GHGs each year so one tonne is a reduction of about 20 per cent.

Getting started is easier than you think. It's as simple as making a personal commitment to use energy and resources more efficiently in your daily life to reduce your emissions.

One tonne sounds like a lot, but think of this: If you drive a car, about half of your total GHGs likely come from driving. Driving less or using other forms of transportation, such as car pooling, public transit or walking, will significantly reduce your fuel consumption and emissions. And it'll save you money, too.

Home energy is another big source of your GHGs. Making smart decisions about heating, cooling and appliances will add to your energy savings.

Learn more here!


I have taken the One-Tonne Challenge and completed it successfully. Living in a big city I am able to get around using a bicycle (great for fitness) and public transportation (excellent in Toronto). Of course not having young children and working in the suburbs I can live without a car. My friend Hague Vaughan, an ecologist, says that I can sell the 2 tonnes I don't need to someone who needs them for about $15/tonne.   




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